Customer Comment When I came to town Havasu Tom helped me find the perfect rental home and helped find a job! - Jay Johnston =========

Wow! I was pretty discouraged when I arrived at the place last spring and saw the condition. Meeting Havasu Tom was the only bright spot in a pretty dismal week. He was a pleasure to deal with. I am flabbergasted and delighted that the place moved so quickly, and he got a great price as well! Thank you so much for the hard, FAST work. - Rusty Royden ==========

I had looked at dozens of houses and could never could find the right one. Working with Havasu Tom was great, he never gave up the search and he did come up with the perfect home. He got a great price, things went so SMOOTH ! Tom continues to help me to this day,long after the transaction. - Stephanie S. ==========

After listing with another agent for a year, I was not sure what to do when our home did not sell. I met Havasu Tom and liked him right away. When we were again ready to list our home, Havasu Tom put it on the market and we got a FABULOUS offer in only 19 days! - Alejandro and Ramone ==========

We did it! It took a long time to sell but Havasu Tom never gave up, he hung in there and got me a great price. Havasu Tom was great to work with! - Jim Distel ==========

The whole thing went so smooth. He still helps me long after the deal closed. I am very impressed and I am a real estate agent too! Leelynn O.